About Nyumba Mkononi

Nyumba Mkononi stands as an african shelter  innovation, offering comprehensive and affordable solutions to aspiring homeowners. Born amidst the challenging landscape of the 2021 Corona pandemic, our platform emerged with a dual mission: to harness technology and affordability to empower individuals in realizing their construction dreams.


From the initial stages of planning to the final touches of house enhancement, Nyumba Mkononi provides a seamless journey, leveraging cutting-edge technology to make homeownership accessible to all.


In an era where the dream of owning a home seemed increasingly distant, Nyumba Mkononi stepped in to bridge the gap, offering not just a service, but a lifeline to those yearning for stability and security. We have redefined the narrative of homeownership, making it not just a distant aspiration, but an achievable reality for countless individuals.


As we continue to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of our clients, Nyumba Mkononi remains steadfast in its commitment to revolutionize the housing industry, one affordable solution at a time.

Housing Solutions
for Africa

Incremental Construction

Nyumba Mkononi Seamlessly blends affordability with quality as you build your dream home one step at a time. Harnessing cutting-edge techniques, we empower you to create a space that evolves with your needs, ensuring every investment counts towards your ideal living environment. Welcome to a new era of accessible, adaptable, and sustainable housing solutions.

Goal Construction saving

"At the heart of our mission lies purpose-driven construction savings. Our platform empowers members to save incrementally towards their dream homes, ensuring every penny is a step closer to achieving their housing goals. Join us in reshaping the narrative of affordable and accessible homeownership, one savings milestone at a time."

Proximity e-commerce

Discover Nyumba App with proximity application .Just like "uber" you can now access materials effortlessly from nearby hardware stores, order with ease, and enjoy doorstep delivery with unbeatable deals. Building made simple, convenient, and cost-effective. Welcome to hassle-free construction with Nyumba

Professional Consultancy

Experience the future of construction with our AI-driven professional services. From floor plans to material schedules and connecting you with skilled artisans, we streamline every aspect of your housing project. Embrace innovation for seamless, efficient, and quality-driven construction processes.

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