From Groundbreaking to Home Sweet Home: Navigating the Building Construction Process with Expertise.

Building a house is one of the key decision and dream of every order for afamily unit to prosper a house changes to a home once it is occupied and that is what makes it special.
That is why construction must be done in accordance to laws. Today we will be shading more light on the building construction process step by step considering all the aspects of this undertaking.
The construction process is divided into three key areas
•Precontruction stage
•construction stage
•post construction.

This phase is very integral since all the planning for the construction process and it’s successful execution starts here . Avoid starting the site without a proper framework to avoid losses and disappointments. Here are things to consider during this phase

Site Selection
The first step to building is to select the most suitable land for the project. Be very cautious when selecting the site since size of the site must also be big enough to accommodate the structure and construction materials,road accessibility and utility around.

Building Designs & Planning
It’s prudent to consult architects, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and hydraulic plans engineers to assist bring out a holistic well thought and functional plan.

Budget Estimate
The building construction process is an expensive undertaking. Emphasis here is critical to an accurate comprehensive estimate on how much investment is required for the project to full completion as per the building design.

Consult with experienced construction quantity surveyor or cost consultant to prepare a bill of quantity for the construction. Using initial design plan will enhance an accurate construction budget.
the actual funding is required to be available before commencing the project to execute so it can actually be completed on time.

Building Permits.
It is not advisable to start without approval from the all the authorities concerned. Once you submit the building plans, soil report and survey report to the local council to get the required commencement permits. This procedure on avarage may take several weeks, so factor in this on the shedhule.

Contractor Selection.

Contractor vetting and selection Is a crucial phase of the project shortlisting of specialist contractors based on their portfolio . verifying and doing your diligence is key based on the previous experience in delivering before awarding clearance.

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